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And provide broadband Internet to industrial or rural areas!

Would you like to start your own business or develop/diversify an existing one?

Do you see demand for modern broadband Internet in your neighborhood/region, especially in rural areas? Are you into IT/telecommunications or do you know anyone who has basic knowledge of IT?

Would you like to build your own client base and generate substantial monthly incomes without much effort?

Skyline Telecom is looking for business partners worldwide, especially in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, who would like to become an Internet network operator and offer broadband Internet in their regions (e.g. industrial and rural areas) on the basis of a partnership program with Skyline Telecom.

On the basis of this partnership program Skyline Telecom offers an investment in the hub platform of the network and a ready-to-implement organizational and technical solution for deploying a broadband Internet network in industrial and rural areas. We will help you with network and frequency planning, the planning and installation of your network and base station(s), training, IP addressing & static routing and many more. We will take complete care of remote support of your Internet services.

Our requirements for potential business partners: technical participation in the project in your region (e.g. installations of subscriber modules in rural areas, local technical support etc.) and minimal investments in equipment of your network. Hereby our business partner can purchase the required hardware or pay in installments and start to provide the service from the moment the network launches.

Skyline Telecom has a rich experience in deploying broadband Internet networks based on fixed wireless technology in rural areas, also known as “wireless optical”. Seven (7) international partners have already attracted 7,000 clients in rural areas using high quality equipment and the experience and knowledge of Skyline Telecom.

Our partnership program allows our partners to deploy their own network in rural areas and start to use and to make profit from it in a short term.

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